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We are pleased to welcome you on our website. The website is dedicated to eyelash extensions and eyelash extensions training.

Thanks to our love of the profession, we constantly practicing, experimenting and getting engaged in developing innovative ways of working. The basic principles of training include: individual learning in a group, in a course of no more than 4 people for the maximum absorption of the material. To prepare the students, we use the best methods: photos, video, and graphics. On the popular volume course, we presented 4 volume technologies, and students undoubtedly will choose the most convenient option. Our goal is maximum quality to allow them to apply their experience in the field of eyelash extensions and learning.

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Eyelash extensions portfolio

Types of eyelash extensions:

Full set or Classic eyelash extensions

Volume lashes - 2D lashes, 3D lashes, (4D-5D-6D or Hollywood)

Eyelash decoration

Training Programs - a detailed description of the training program

Volume training - training program

Basic training - training program

Registration form - for register on course

Online store for stylist - is opening soon own line of materials

Contacts - contact form, we are in social networks.